Redesigning website for a local restaurant


For my first freelance project I am doing website redesign for a local restaurant.

Their current website looks like this :

IMO it is outdated and not mobile responsive.

Design that I came up with : Adobe XD

This is the desktop version, I will adapt it to mobile also.

I am not so satisfied with contact section and footer where I lack creative ideas on how to arrange it or to change background color and text color.

I would be very thankful for ideas and advices on where can I further improve design.

Hi @pwnz - Have you considered a typical journey for their customer? How important is a desktop website vs. mobile website?

The comp you’ve posted looks professional and based on the hierarchy of content, the client wants potential customers to know their history.

How often do customers looking at a new restaurant dive into the restaurant’s past vs. seeing their menu?

I notice their menu is in the 4th place in the nav. Is this the 4th most important aspect of their restaurant?

I also didn’t see a link in the main navigation to make a reservation. How important is that to their business?

Just some questions to consider…