Redesign an app



Hi community!

I’m very new here, and since I have some experience wireframing and prototyping, I never did a whole project from scratch in terms of UX (Research, analysis…)

To get some experience I’m trying to do a redesign from an app which is pretty bad in many fields, but sadly, you can’t get another option if you use a Fujifilm camera, yeah, the app is Fujifilm remote control. Really terrible if you ever used basically it doesn’t work.

My idea is to rebuild as a personal project, following an UX methodology from the beginning and comment all the steps, but since is my first one I’m not sure the good path to do that.

I was thinking to do some competitive analysis and user testing with the real app. Then create personas and a user journey and get some insights from that. The last part would be wireframing and the visuals, but I’m more focused on the analysis and research. What do you think?

Some suggestion would be highly appreciated it :slight_smile:
This part to plan all kills me and all time get frustated with this…

Thank you community!



Good on you – this sounds like a great first project.

This should give you a good framework from which to build it out. Have a read through and come back with your questions. :slight_smile:


Thank you @HAWK !
I will have a read now and post if any doubt. :slight_smile:


Also here’s one useful case study how to redesign an app. Read the history of Instagram redesign