Recruiting users new to the website for a user testing

Hi there,
What is your approach to recruiting users new to the website for a user testing?
If I recruit them using a pop-up that still makes it possible to browse the website, then the user will be already familiar with the site, and I want to recruit users who haven’t seen the website.
My approach here is to show a recruiting pop-up with a transparent black background which covers a webpage, so users don’t actually see the page in details. Of course, I will show it to only a small percentage of users like 3-5% until I will have required number of participants.

Can you share please your approach or recruiting tools for similar tasks?

To recruit new users to my websites, I would have to try and influence or encourage them of why they should head over to my website. You should create a great website that would entice people to want and join them. Head over to an online forum, advertise your website and wait for the right users to signup and join.

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