Recruiting participants for research


Hi everyone,
I’m wondering if anyone can suggest any good resources or books about recruiting for research?!!


Hi @andre195 – this might be helpful. How to recruit users for UX research in an agile sprint.

@amanda_stockwell is fantastic and will likely answer any questions you have about the article here.


Most books about general user research will touch on the subject of recruiting. Here’s a good start:

  • Chapter 6 of Mike Kuniavsky’s “Observing the User Experience”
  • Chapter 3 of Steve Portigal’s “Interviewing Users”
  • Chapter 4 of Tomer Sharon’s “It’s our research”

And two good web pages:

What kind of research are you running? Who for? I might be able to recommend some more relevant books and resources.


I am currently going through this too, the approach that we are taking is contacting users who have previously responded to feedback forms.

We have in the past asked users to provide feedback on our app through support forms and surveys, we are now emailing these users saying something along the lines of:

Would you like the opportunity to give ‘us’ regular feedback?
You could join our usability testing panel and you will be rewarded for sharing your views on new features or designs

They then have a link to a demographic survey so we can add them to our list.


If you have budget the folks at Optimal Workshop have a great recruitment service. I’ve used them for corporate projects and they are very responsive and reasonably priced. Here’s a link to their recruitment page–>>


Thanks! Will look into it!


Awesome! Thanks for this. I’ve read Steve’s Portigal book but not the other two.


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PS - just got this in my inbox from Optimal Workshop today :slight_smile:


Awesome. @AshleaMcKay is a member here if you have further questions on the article that Mary has linked to @andre195


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We do the bulk of recruiting through Farron Research—They’ll set you back between $120-$160 per participants (excluding incentives) but you don’t pay for no shows or cancellations.

This is good if you have budget and no bandwidth to take on screening and recruiting yourself, you have to work within their database though so if you’ve got a niche audience or you don’t have strong segments to recruit from the extra effort getting your users direct is likely better.