Recording a User Session for a Presentation

I’m looking to record how a web page design will animate when interacted with. Can anyone recommend some good software for that? Scrolling, light animation, some clicks and a video playing will need to be captured.

Ideally, the final output would be a video file (eg mp4) capturing all the mentioned functionality.

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If you’re on a Mac you can use the built-in screen recorder.
Lookback would do it, you wouldn’t want a sub just for the one job but there is a free trial.
Screen share and record with MS Teams
Maybe the same with Zoom, I don’t know.

Agree with you

Hi @scribblejam, welcome to the community!

If you’re using Adobe XD, it has a neat feature where you can record the prototype and save it as a video file. Perhaps the design software you’re using also has this feature built-in? if not, then, the screen-recording and zoom sessions are great suggestions!