Recommended readings on UX for AR and VR?



I am looking to get more into UX for augmented and virtual reality (eventually specifically as it relates to film and TV).

Does anyone have any introductory materials (blogs, slack channels, twitter feeds, books) to recommend regarding learning more about UX for AR and VR?


Hi Anne!
I am very interested in this area as well. Max Glenister has curated a fantastic list at UX of VR.

Here is a good introductory article to take a look at: Crash Course: VR Design for N00bs

Here are some more AR/VR resources I’ve personally come across:

Here’s my Twitter list of AR/VR/MR folks:

Road to VR

User Defenders Special - Mixed Reality & the Future of Design (Just 2 episodes of the podcast but so inspirational!)
Voices of VR

The Fourth Transformation

Neither of these are very active but maybe if some awesome UX Mastery people join, it can liven up a bit
VR Theory Slack Team has a design channel
Women Techmakers Slack Team has a vr_ar channel

Apple’s ARKit Human Interface Guidelines


Thanks @crystal_sundara !

A coworker recommended VR UX by Casey Fictum to me as well.


I wrote an article for InVision about how YouTube ported their mobile app to VR. It has some broad takeaways that you might find valuable. It talks a lot about cinematic VR experiences which sounds like something you would find interesting!


Thanks, Jeffrey! This looks interesting.



Very interesting material, big thanks to you all!


Thanks for the recommendation!


Hope you find some of these useful.