Recommendations for usability testing tool



I want to test a NEW FEATURE in our SaaS app.
The end users are customers that already uses our app.
We want to be able to conduct a usability tests with approximately five end users, to record the sessions and observe the users while dealing with a given task - both screen and users themselves.
I prefer to get recommendations from personal experience with the referral app.


Perhaps we can help! Let me ask a few leading questions:

  • What type of budget do you have?
  • What operating system are you running?
  • How long do you expect the tests to last?


You might find our list of UX tools helpful.
With answers to Doug’s questions above we can likely help you narrow things down.


I have used 2 different apps for user testing, one being called whatusersdo, we found this quite good although there were some bugs in the software. You got videos of real people using your software and you could tell them the demographics of users.

The other one I have used is usabilityhub, it’s much more basic and works on screenshots rather than your actual software, it’s good for getting quick results like A/B testing


My company is in a similar situation. We are completely redoing one of our tools and are conducting some tests with our existing customers. We’ve just started using Validately for moderated and unmoderated user tests and we quite like it to far. It’s not a very complex tool, but works for our needs.

I don’t believe that the unmoderated version records the users via webcam, but both record audio and allow to re-watch their tests at a later time.


Thanks Andrea
I will check this out


Had to delete half of what I wrote once I read what you have said. This is clearly a very user centric function if you need to know how much people sweat when using your function. How much detail do you need, probes to test the hippocampus? I jokes.

Plethora of tools in the list Hawk has listed in the testing section. My suggestion, if its not required, dont go overboard and try to keep it simple, sometimes you can really confuse the end user with too much information.

Im presuming you are refering to UAT not SAT as its already built? If so, just go with anyone of the plethora of UAT tools, some are ineractive and make things seem nice and fuzzy for the end users. Personally Im a yes or no person when it comes to testing. Because until I have my system working I cant test its validity end to end. But dont listen to me.

Chill, have a nice drink after you are finished collating. Best of luck.