Recommendation for Qualitative Software


Hello, community!

I’m a quantitative researcher at a mobile gaming company who occasionally has to look at some qualitative data.

I’m currently using surveygizmo’s horrifying open-text analysis, in which I go through all open-ended comments manually and bucket them myself (there are thousands). Then, as a reward, the software tells me how many times I dumped different things into buckets. It’s 10% better than me having an Excel file open and making hatchmarks. =/ There must be a better way to do qualitative analysis. Any suggestions?


  1. Free or cheap is good.
  2. Simple and intuitive is also good; no time to learn complex new languages or UIs.
  3. Something that automatically buckets based upon similarity of phrases or sentiment (e.g., “positive words”, “negative words”) would be better than what I have now.

Thank you bunches for any advice or suggestions you have!



Hey @SamuraiUX – welcome. :slight_smile:

Surveymonkey is pretty good, but to get the open text analysis you have to be on the gold plan (a few hundred NZ$ per year). I’ll put out a tweet and see what others use.