Recommendation: Design Library Templates

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Here’s a new template to quickstart a design library for Figma users that I recommend. I actually use it for all my design projects: (there is an upcoming free webinar as well on October 20:

It would be great to hear from you what kind of templates you use to speed up your design process. :grinning:


Explore your library and brand

Start by looking for ideas that adhere to your brand’s criteria. The first is to gather resources from within your business, such as a complete brand kit with guidelines for your logo, color schemes, font families, preferred images, and writing styles. You can review previously published materials to have a deeper understanding of the design flow and feel of your organization in addition to the brand expectations.

Your time is saved in two ways by this effort. First of all, you won’t spend time considering using stock photographs of individuals in your designs if you learn that your organization never does, especially if they’re looking directly into the camera. Second, by being aware of the brand requirements in advance, you may save time later when everything you produce must adhere to them.

When developing projects, I employ templates to ensure consistency. In Figma, I also employ basic UI libraries and bespoke components to quickly build out a design. It’s fantastic for productivity and teamwork!