Recently arrived in Melbourne, looking for career opportunities


I’ve recently arrived in Melbourne, Australia and looking for career opportunities. I’ve been reaching out to UX studios, joining/attending meetups, and applying on Seek & Indeed. I’m trying to do this discreetly so as not to let my current employer know that I’m looking for another position and put my current role in jeopardy. Does anyone on the forums have other suggestions?


You’re doing all the right things! Good job.

It would also be worth checking out a couple of the local UX-savvy recruiters. I’ll drum up a list for you, but in the meantime, check out this thread about various experiences with recruiters.

Are you being approached by people on LinkedIn?


I’ve been approached by people on LinkdedIn in the past but not recently.

In terms of recruiters I have met with Just Digital People and contacted Morgan Consulting, Red Wolf, and Iceberg. I am open to opportunities recruiters send my way but I will remain cautious as I’ve heard some bad stories.


Naomi Easson at Morgan Consulting is lovely! :grinning: