Reading and resources


Has anyone read the ‘don’t make me think’ book by Steve Krug?

Really enjoying it, some great principles in there.


This is a brilliant book. Really gives you a great base to start learning UX, and a great book to refer back to. I always recommend this to people who want to get into UX. And I also recommend it to developers and management teams (project owners, BA’s etc etc) as it gives them an insight into why we do/ don’t do certain things.

Have you seen the reading list on this forum? It’s a great list compiled by a number of people of useful books for UXers to read. I’m not sure how to link to it here but I’m sure @HAWK could point us in the right direction :slight_smile:



Here is the link to the reading list I mentioned Monster List of UX Book Recommendations


Thanks, that’s great! It seems this book pops up everywhere, so it must be good.
I’ll have a read through the list.
All the best