Rationalizing your design - how do you prove WHY your design is the best solution?


This may be an obvious question to experienced UX’ers. :slight_smile:

I’m learning as much as I can about UX process: I can find a lot of information online about how to draw wireframes, how to develop my design thinking, how to do user research etc, but so far I haven’t found much about how to justify your designs, or how to forecast an outcome based on your design.

How do you essentially say to your client; ‘if you use my design, here’s the outcome you can expect in your business’. Surely we must have some idea of what the outcome will be once our design is implemented?

I know we can do things like A/B or usability testing to measure success, but I’m interested in how you can make a forecast before you even know if your design will be successful?

Is it possible? Is this something a UX person even does?



Others will be able to offer advice here also, but generally the outcome is “I will implement changes that will fix this problem that you are having”. Your role is usually to sort out an existing issue (the site isn’t accessible / people aren’t clicking this link / our sales are starting to drop) so you research the issue, consider solutions and then test them to find the best of them.

You can predict success with numbers if you test your proposed solutions against the control.



This is something I think we all come across doing UX. I’ve put my thoughts in a blog post might be of some help




What are the problems, list them and how your software fixes them.

What are the expectations, how does your product meet them

How much do they have to spend, your product is below budget (if feasible, if not write a good reason for why more money will help).

Lets remove your thinking from simple web pages, part of a BA;s role, and the start of a project, is to write a business case. It basically does the above points and more. Learn how to write a Business Case, usually points out altenatives and the pros and cons of the best solution, in this case your solution. You should be able to find a free video online or website on how to write professional Business Cases