Quick question: Previous & Next buttons


Hi All,

which one do you think is the correct order for the “previous page” and “next page” buttons?
This is a book displayed on a large screen.
Both Previous and Next need to be on both sides of the book.
I look forward to hearing from you!
Even a simple answer with just the option letter is appreciated.

Thank you!


The paradigm I’m familiar with is my e-reader, which has back on top and next on bottom on both sides of the screen.


My gut reaction is that progress is from the top-left to bottom-right. Therefore back should always be on the top of the two, as in A.

However, that’s probably a cultural preference and English-biased. If you use it somewhere else it might run into problems.


I’m going with C.

I’m guessing that’s not helpful given the previous answers though. :wink:


The two arrows so close together are confusing for me. Maybe that could just be because of the size of the example? But, if separating them, top and bottom, was possible, that might be a nice visual clue.


hi @leendii

I prefer the option A
I’d like to have the buttons outside of the book container, something like that:


I like @dopamino’s rendering a lot.


I initially thought A, but on a big display where proximity maybe spread wider, having arrows facing the same direction performing the same function in the same position will probably make the UI more intuitive (as in A)


For some reason I prefer C as well.


I see a conflict in the human behavioral pattern here, why because

  1. You render a book in a skeuomorphic fashion
  2. and force the user to behave differently
  3. Left Right arrows are placed Top Bottom (this itself sounding awkward right??)

If the concern is a large screen how large it is?
if it is a huge 50" TV kinda screen then better to have the buttons “bottom center” (<- -> like this) of the book so that it is easily reachable as well as retain the natural human behavior with a book.

Also we never experienced a left and right arrows in top to bottom order.