Quick opinion request: best portfolio domain?

I am buying a domain for my portfolio site. I would really appriciate some feedback. The options I have considered are:

  • UED.dk (Making my email david@ued.dk. Sleek. I like that. But do people remember UED? Do international visitors remember the .dk domain?)
  • davidUX.dk (Making my email David@DavidUX.dk. Blergh. So redundant. Once more, a .dk domain, which is a minus. Right?)
  • david-UX.com (.com domain, but the dash is a pain. I like it for international appeal. Again, david@david-ux.com seems so weird to look at and say.
  • davidlauritsen.com (Accurate. That’s me. But much longer and difficult to remember.)

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Thanks for the votes so far, but perhaps that was a mistake. :sweat_smile:
I was hoping people would post their arguements as well.

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Your name is your brand, really. Unless you’re building up something to stick in people’s head as a brand label, you’re going to want people to remember you first.

Depending on UED would be expected people to attach the meaning you wish to the acronym. UED can mean different things and the UX world is constantly rebranding philosophies and techniques. I had to look up what UED was. In years to come, you may be hard pressed to find people who really remember what it stands for.

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True. Good advice. It just irks me to have such a long URL.


I chose DavidUX.dk because I can never remember spelling and your surname isn’t one that I’m familiar with. I’d never remember where the i and e go.

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