Quick 1-Question Survey about UX Research Tool Features



Hello all! Thanks for your time.

This feels meta. :slight_smile: I am conducing some informal research about UX research tools. I have a 1-question survey linked below which I would love to have some UX’ers look at.

1-question survey about UX research tool features

This is for anyone who has done or is interested in doing moderated UX research, which is basically any method that involves direct interaction with participants. For example, discovery interviews or contextual inquiry, or task testing in a “lab” setting just to name a few.

There are about a half-dozen killer tools out there that really make unmoderated testing a cinch, and it is the moderated testing tool suite where I personally see more variation. I have my own favorites; I’m interested in learning about others’.

Thanks in advance for your participation!


Done. Good luck!


Love a 1 question survey!


The original one question survey from my childhood was my favorite.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Yes.” Walks away.


Thanks so much! feedback is always a gift.