Questions for our next portfolio mentoring session


Today’s portfolio mentoring session with Louise Campbell was full on!

I’ll throw the most popular questions into a poll to vote on what we discuss in the next session.

The rest we’ll answer here for you.

You can see some of the questions covered in the last session here.


I should add to this, that I’m very open to feedback from anyone that was part of the session today.
It was pretty intense and I suspect there might be some practical things that I could do to help you get more value next time.


Question for Louise Campbell:
What sort of portfolio pieces are appropriate for someone who has never had an official job in UX?
Would a blog help or hurt?
On a portfolio site, should I include visual design or illustration work?

Thank you!

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Hi @kerrymeaway1 thanks for your questions :slight_smile: I’ll be covering these next session, can’t wait to meet you!