Question regarding phone screen sizes and designing for them


I noticed a lot of projects where I work at usually use the 320px width for mobile mockups which is iphone 4 and 5 screens. I believe that goes by DP correct? My questions is how come designers design with dp and not design for the “literal” size of a screen?


I’ve run across this issue myself and from what I understand DP’s or “Density Pixels” are a virtual unit of measurement used by Google for their Android platform who size varies according to the resolution of the screen you are designing for, similar to “points” for Apple devices. There are online calculators that can do the conversion for you between DPs and pixels.

Here are a couple of resources I found for you:

How to design with density pixels in Photoshop?

General Google search on DP vs PX


Quite correct! And designing in DPS can be a pain!