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Hi Community! Ok I have a new challenge for you. Imagine you have an App where you can install plugins from a market. In that way, what are you installing is an instance of the original one. (Imagine an app of you phone)

So, now, what I want to do is follow the use which users do about that. I mean, I’d like to know which buttons are clicked by the users, the movements, what they find hard to find or do, etc.

The problem here is I don’t have a way to get an url o get access for that instance because is a “private installation” (do you understand what I mean?)

So, apart from the interviews or direct speak with the users, how do you think you can observe what the user do?.

Thank you!


So here’s how I read all that.

I have an app installed on my phone but I can add things to it, like plug-ins. For example, I might have a music production program and every now and again I would want to add a new keyboard because …

a)the specific workflow would necessitate it’s addition “gee, a Fender Rhodes would really work in the 70’s inspired soul track…oh no, I don’t have one installed!” This is an active need for a plug in.

b)I get an alert randomly from the app “did you know there is a Fender Rhodes keyboard!” “Oh, that’s great, let’s go and download that” This is a passive need for a plug in.

So you need to structure your research around how users use the app and how they want to update it and that will guide your design “the app must make it easy to add things into it” or “the app must push targeted alerts when it senses the user could benefit”.

Lots of ideas!


Thank you for your feedback but is not exactly like this.

I’m going to try to explain it better.

I’m developing a plugin which I upload to a market. Then the user can install this plugin in their devices, but this installation is a copy from the original one.

So now, I need to know how these users feel with that app, how they use it. But the problem is that I don’t have any access to view and analyse the behaviour of them because I don’t have any url o kind of access of this to use for example a screenrecoder.

So the only way I know is just organize a meeting with some users and make an interview.

But I’d need to know some solution to “attack” this from behind, I mean, without the necessity of the meeting, just observing the users (a kind of hotjar for example).

Do you know some way to do that or have any experience or idea?

Thank you!

I hope have explained better this time hehe.


OK, so you know you have an app and that users download plugins for them

But you want to know how they are using them?

My first step is to find some users and interview them.


Exactly we are agree in that point. But I need go beyond. Imagine that you are from UK and the app it’s only for japanese users (obviously tall this is not real, just a simulation). So yes, you could organize an interview on Skype or whatever but I’d need don’t make interviews face to face. Just observing user behaviour.

I know this is sooooo complicated. And the only requirement is that when the user install this app, he/she is installing a copy of the orginial for sure. They will have an exclusive copy for them.

I understand it’s a little bit complicated to understand.

And I know this is a UX Forum but maybe some devs could have some extra idea about it.

This is a real problem in a fictional scenario.

Thank you!


Do you mean something like an app collecting and sending statistics of buttons and other controls a user clicks/taps?
Could you explain what is a “private installation” in your scenario?


Hi AnLev! yes could be something like that.

Ok, with “private installation” I mean that you are just installing a copy (instance) from the original. In that way, the user can customize like he/she wants.

So, the point is, as you said, I’d like to measure with statistics and why not, video record, about the users’ behaviour.

But I don’t know how to link that instance with something which I don’t have any conection. How I could create this conection?.



Technical details are needed here, such as target platform, how this plugin is installed and does it have access to the internet. I do not see any reason why an app or a plugin cannot send collected data to a hardcoded url.


Hi AnLev, thank you for keep answering, I understand the diffulty to image something like that but trust me, exists and at the moment it seems is not going to change.

It needed Internet to use it. More details:

  • You have a supertool which you use for example for control your payments developed from a company
  • Now you need a tool for (for example) segment these payments developed from your company.
  • This 2nd tool (the plugin) is needed to install from a market to your supertool account. The problem is that every custumer who install it is going to install an instance of this 2nd tool.

And question is “how the ux/ui designer can observe the behaviour of that customers apart from organize interviews, videocall, etc”.

It’s all the information I have. I wish I could give you more details but…

Thank you all for your effort.



sounds like only this will satisfy. Looks like there are no other needs here.


The puzzle seems unsolvable to me. Either you can communicate with users or with the plugin. If none can be reached… nothing comes to my mind. Except, you could ask users to do an installation through some kind of proxy that can communicate both with the plugin and with you.


Welcome to my “world” hehe. Yes it’s the thing I thought --> unsolvable unless you meet directly with the users or do something like your porpouse.

I just wanted guarantee myself that I’m according in thoughts as the rest of you on that discipline.

As I said this is a real problem but obviously I can’t say the name of the company.

So thank you so much for you time.

See you in the next topics!