Question about responsive design and fonts


Does anyone know how fonts should change when doing responsive design? How smaller should they get for tablet and mobile?


I checked in with our head designer who recommends this great article that covers a lot of responsive font considerations —

He also says that generally you can go smaller on mobile if you’d like, because mobile devices are held closer than external monitors. But as long as you’re at a readable size to begin with it’s largely preference, the best way to figure it out is to just try it on-device for yourself.


Thanks, appreciate it!


I code in Ems when writing CSS. I find when I set in Ems, I don’t have to modify the font size as much with media queries for different screen sizes.

A good point of reference for font sizes is Medium (the blog platform).

I’m also going to give this piece of advice – for mobile, always err on the side of too big. So many newb designers try and cram a novella at 8pt in a tiny space which really agitates older users (like me!).