Question about hamburgers

I had a hamburger in my UI for the menus and my very well respected award winning design person I asked to review said not enough people know what they are, that I should not use it.
I took it out, but it doesn’t look as good on mobile.
At the time I sounded hesitant and there was a person in their sixties that uses the web every day there. She asked this person to find the menu on my screen and they could not do it. Then when she told him where it was an it was called a Hamburger, he said something about IT people having their own language and laughed at the name. So, she is right about one person.
Do others find that a good portion of people don’t know to click on a hamburger?

Welcome to the community @Daniel_S!

I know it sounds crazy, but something like 43% of people don’t know what a hamburger menu is. I don’t have the exact static correct, but you can check out NN/g for the exact research.

If you live in a major city and are young it seems obvious, but that’s only a portion of the entire population. It does depend on your target audience. It may work for them. Best practice on mobile though is a bottom tabbed navigation.

Hope that helps!