Question about analytics on websties

If you check analytics for a website and one device is more dominant(for example mobile is most of the traffic over desktop) does that mean you should do your designs mobile? Or is it fine to still do desktop but make sure mobile is on point?

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Personally I like to first create wireframes for mobile. Because it’s easier to add things when you have more space for desktop, than to cut out stuff if you lack space. You also often have to make harder choices on what has priority. This can help sharpen the question to your boss/client too.

You can ask things like “Yes, I know A and B are both super important, but I can’t fit both on the mobile screen on top, so what is the most super important of those two?”, well or you can come up with something that does pay tribute to both goals in one block or something.

Also it makes sure you don’t neglect mobile, and often most websites are visited most on mobile.

As always, it depends what your users want.


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