These days I was thinking about what if my CV was like an App?

And here is the result. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you enjoy!


kudos to you sir, nicely done! :grinning:


Agreed. This is a novel idea and you’ve done it well.


Excellent idea!

One way you can take it to another level is provide variations of your CV prototype for some different platforms. Like using iOS conventions and guidelines in one, and Android conventions ( in another. When looking for UI designers I like to see how they do with designing across platforms and dealing with the different conventions. Especially if they can maintain their “voice” or a brand consistency while following guidelines as well.

Again, great idea!


Why not design it like a ‘Persona’ card?
Seems more relevant, and could enable you to show off your extra curricular activities as well… :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Montechie! yes you’re right. As UI Designer you have take control at least in the main design systems like IOS or Android as you said. This was just an exersice to test my skills and why not, show them. If I have time I’ll try it to keep it updated even trying to export it into others systems or new one invented by me as well.

Thank you so much for you feedback! Keep training.



Hi Boazrossano! Thanks for your feedback. Yes I could have done a persona too but a persona is a group of features you extract once you make a research process and you use that to developt and design the idea or prototype which is just I did, but in this case this persona exits for real and it’s me hehehe.

Anyway all the ideas you all can transmit will be good received. Besides I animate you make something like that, we all can learn each others.