Prototyping chat bots


Hey Everyone,

My team has been tasked with testing a chat bot with customers and need a suitable prototype to test with.

We have done basic invision prototypes to test for look and feel and placement etc… but we are wanting to test content, especially around tone of voice level of detail etc…

I think the best place would be on the live site but thats not an option at the moment. We have considered Wordpress chat plugins (but they are clunky) something like Slack

Has anyone done this before?

I’ll also post in ‘Process & techniques’

Thanks in advance,


@andrew_lamont did you checked this tool Also hope this article give some thoughts:


Hey thanks! will check it out and let you know how we go!


Sure! It will be great if you can write a short note about your experience in implementing the chat bot. I like to read about it and waiting for a opportunity to do it.


What’s a chat bot, please?


@Piper_Wilson check this article for a good introduction to chatbots.


Thank you @jaisonjustus - That was fascinating reading!


Hi, not sure if this will be helpful at all but NNG are running an online seminar about chatbots on 20th June


I have used Chatfuel and their interface is really easy to use as well. Only thing is you can test only with FB Messenger. I prototyped a bot and wrote an article about it -
Hope it helps.