Projects choice and portfolio hosting

Hi there,

As many here, I’m looking to break into UX Design. I’m working on acquiring skills & knowledge via online resources, and on creating my portfolio. I’m looking for some advice regarding my projects choice and my portfolio hosting.

1. Projects choice

I don’t have any direct UX design experience as yet, so I was thinking of creating a portfolio based on 3 projects:

  • The first one would be using a HR process improvement I’ve actually been working on for about 2 years, and explaining how I’ve applied UX design principles all along (I’ve spent the last 3 years in the internet industry - so, even in HR, UX matters!).

  • The second and third projects I’m thinking of are not real projects I’ve worked on, but more about creating 2 apps (a music app and a travel app) in order to solve a specific problem. So, most of what I will write will be hypothetical, and I’ll have no actual app to showcase.

Do you think using these examples will be sufficient as a start before I manage to get my first real UX design experiences?

2. Portfolio hosting

What solution would you recommend to use? I don’t intend to create and host my own website for now, and I’d rather have a “minimum viable product” to start with.

  • Are websites builders like Wix ok?
  • What about portfolio builders?
  • Which one do you use?


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Following out of interest.

Hey Laura – welcome. :slight_smile:

Yes! These are perfect. UX doesn’t have to be digital and the focus of your portfolio pieces should be documenting your process.

There are some good answers to that question here.

I am in a similar situation now. For projects just choose a problem to solve and come up with your own problem statement and hypothesis. Then go out and interview people or talk to them to see if your assumption of that problem is actually a problem. If its not then choose another subject and if it is then you can continue with that problem since you will know its something to solve. I am also creating my own portfolio and decided to code it instead, I heard webflow is good if you want something that is kind of like wix but more complex. What host do you want? I am planning to use lunarpages so I get a domain and host.

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Hi both,

Thanks for your response!

@ralphc_nyc I’m unsure what host I want. I’m looking for the simplest solution both time and cost wise. I don’t want to code it myself etc because I know myself, and I’m going to be obsessed with the visuals. For the moment I just want to write a few case studies, and “ship it” as we say, to start my job search. So an all-in-one solution (incl. hosting etc) might be best for me to start with, but I might want to build my own later.

I’ll have a look at what I can do with Wix, Squarespace and Adobe Portfolio.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

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