Project -Please take a survey about Careers in Tech


[SIZE=15px]This is for a project. The link below is a survey about Careers in Tech. It has 10 categories. The more survey results I get, the more I can see patterns.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=15px]Please share this with your friends and coworkers by email, facebook, etc. Just copy / paste the link above or forward it by email. Thank you![/SIZE]
[SIZE=15px]Careers in Tech[/SIZE]
[SIZE=15px]If people are interested, I can share the results later. Thank you![/SIZE]


Hi @velvetarrow – welcome to the community. :slight_smile: I have just had a look at your survey and it’s a little difficult to complete. As just one example, question 5 asks ‘Which of the following fits the career you are in currently?’ and then gives options which are radio buttons. I am a freelancer who owns my own business and works remotely, which is 3 of the options. I’m not sure you’ll get reliable data given that structure.

I wonder if as a first step we could talk through what you are trying to achieve and perhaps we could help you to create a more useful survey.


@HAWK Thank you for the warm welcome. You do have a point when it comes to question 5, as I could have easily made it possible to select more than one. This is a project, but what I am hoping to achieve are 1. If the IT field would be right for me or not 2. How to narrow it down as it is huge. Overall, I tend to like business, innovation, tech, psychology,marketing, and design. I like variety. I am NOT that good at math, remembering things ( Im a list maker), and doing repetitive tasks over and over. I am also fragrance sensitive and I can get migraines, etc so I want a job where there isn’t a lot of face to face time.
[FONT=Helvetica, Arial, Verdana, sans-serif][COLOR=#252c2f]I have the questions in a google doc that I could share or any advice above would be great. Thank you.[/FONT][/COLOR]


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

All of the things on your list of likes lend themselves well to UX, and you can be a UXer without needing to code, so I think you’re on the right track. There are many, many different variants when it comes to careers in UX though. I would suggest having a read of this article and then coming back here with more specific questions, and we’ll take it from there. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your encouragement. @HAWK I am in the career exploration at the moment and want to see patterns in different IT fields.I made a new survey that was shorter:

UX is one of my top interests, so I will explore this site more. The ebook looks very helpful as well and if I decided to go to UX route I will get it. If needed, I may make a survey for UX later. I did notice on the article you posted that UX isn’t always behind a computer. I’m sure it varies, but wonder if it would be a problem or not because of my fragrance sensitivity that cause me migraines or worse. That I may need to do some digging on.


Hey @velvetarrow I’ve completed your survey :). It was a little hard to follow, and I’m not sure you will necessarily get what you need out of it, but I hope my response helps. Just some constructive feedback, breaking down a general day can be very difficult, it can vary a lot, so putting hours or percentages against it can be quite tough. I was also not sure in terms of the hours, whether that was hours per day/week etc.


@Natalie_Eustace I am sorry about the delay. My 95-year-old grandfather had an unexpected surgery, and I have been helping out until my Dad could get here. Most of the survey is in essay form, so it is going to be me reading it. The hours/weeks doesn’t make much difference. I think UX is more diverse than other fields so hard to define. Today, I bought the UX ebook they sell on this site and will start there. Thank you for your response on the survey.


The book is a great place to start @velvetarrow. Feel free to grill us for answers once you’ve read it and have questions.

Hope all is well with your grandfather.