Professional Organizations, you a member?


I’m wondering if ya’ll are a part of any of these associations, or any related to design, and why or why not? how did you first get involved? how have you benefited?

  • aiga
  • ixda
  • upxa
  • dmi
  • ucda

Nope, none. Curious to hear what others say.



in Czech Republic, we have a local Associacion of UX (sorry, it’s in czech).

  • Membership saves on entry fees.
  • All their events are full of peers so it’s always great networking opportunity.
  • We have a slack team, full of updates and discussions.
  • Lots of opportunities to present yourself or your company.
  • It’s only like $15/year.

We’re also a member of IXDA (i think). Didn’t bring any substantial benefits so far AFAIK, but it’s free.