Product page - Ecommerce - Mock-up


I am working on the product page for a eCommerce site (first time).

I have created a quick mock-up on Photoshop and I would like to know if I have forgotten or not to add something in order to improve even more the UX.

I have been reading a lot of different posts and websites about UX on product pages. I basically have tried to do a mix with all information I saw on the internet and my experience as a UXUI designer too.

So basically I would like to know If do you think I need add or remove something in order to have a better UX experience? Or it should work?

I usually work design Homepage/UI. It is my first time I am designing a product page and I would like to be secure it will not an instant flop.



I’ll ask the same question I usually ask in these scenarios: Have you asked your users?

We can talk about things at a high level here, but without knowledge of your users/KPIs/product/industry, we can’t give you really meaningful feedback. We simply don’t have the information we need to make anything other than generalizations which may not be accurate.

If you’re not sure if your design will work, you need to test it. Get it in front of your users. This could be through focused groups, though UX interviews, A/B testing, etc. Get quality data and use it to make educated decisions about your design and necessary revisions.