Product Launching Soon - How can I gather users for user research?




My company is going to launch a product next Tuesday, and I want to see if there is anything I can set up to get feedback from users after they’ve used our product. Like maybe some sort of funnel?

Are there any good techniques for this?




We usually just reach out per mail and let the users sign up for a session via calendly. Almost no hassle and works like a charm. We run a b2c business für b2b. It may be a lot more difficult.


Have you considered an exit intent survey? They’re the ones that pop up a modal when someone goes to leave your site asking if they’d mind answering a few questions.


Is this a SaaS product or litterly a product? If it’s a SaaS product make sure you have some kind of Analytics tool on it in combination with Hotjar for example so you can see what your users do by recordings and heatmaps. Hotjar also has a build in feedback button to show on your website.

If it’s a regular product, be sure to send a extra card with the product to people when sending the product. With this card you can focus on gathering reviews for example. There are tools like Feedbackcompany which you can use. You have to approve the review before it gets on there, so the bad once you can contact. Also gather reviews from e-mail, send a mail after x days if they used the product and how it was. Follow-ups after that can be to contact them.


Excellent question. I’m ashamed of myself for making an assumption!