Process for Persona within my context



I am very new to UX. Except I am limited on the resources needed to do all aspects of normal UX analysis.

For example, I am analyzing my target audience to identify one segment of our target Persona. I’ve been told that we actually have some people on our staff (higher up, executives) who match our persona. They are not available for interviews (they are too busy). I cannot research other usability tests with other users to ensure our product matches that persona. I am not even 100% sure our product is wanted. So, here is my plan.

a.) study our Persona segment (in this case, baby boomers)
b.) gather characteristics and long held convictions of these users
c.) interview co-workers (admin assistants, work colleagues) who work closely or know deeply these “higher ups”
d.) compare the Persona data I gathered with and Persona data provided by the co-workers
e.) whatever doesn’t match…boom…that’s my persona.

Thoughts anyone? This is the only procedure I can think of that works given the resources I have at my disposal. Open to all ideas, thanks!


For personas, I would interview actual users who are using or will be using the product.