Problems to solve / Tasks for the UX beginners


Hi there!

I wanted to ask you for any “problems to solve” or “tasks” for people who are just starting with UX. Something that they can use to practice and maybe later put this piece to their portfolios. For example a task to create an application / anything else that help solve a problem. It does not have to be difficult.

If you have any idea, please come back to me, it will be very helpful!

Thanks in advance!


I’d invite you to join the LetsFixBoarding movement. We’ve yet to take off (pun intended) on our first sprint, but I hope it’ll produce some great pieces for you.


Try to get some existing apps and do users testing with them with 5 users. see if there are any problems they run into(multiple users with the same problem). From there you can either solve those problems for that same app or create your own unique app to solve those problems.


I’ll be happy to help. But first, you need to point to a website/application/service that you hate and you know that “you could do it better”.


Thank you all for your responses.

The problem is that nothing comes to my mind when I am trying to think about an app or a website that really annoys me. :roll_eyes: Maybe I am just avoiding this kind of services subconsciously or something. :sweat_smile:

I was thinking more about tasks such as “create an app that will be helping people in finding the next book they wanna read” for example. But I don’t know if it makes any sense. :blush::thinking:


Is anyone free to join?




I guess you could leave it open-ended. Ask the participants to identify something that is not so good in a app/service they use and how to make it better.


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I typed the url wrong, sorry! It’s


Also see some of the resources that I linked to here: Building a portfolio but have no experience?


This is such a nice concept. It will be quite useful for people who are starting out in UX. Thanks for sharing.


During a job interview lately I was tasked with a very interesting exercise. The interviewer said he’d be pretending to be a dam operator and I was supposed to make his life easier by designing a new tool or software (it had to be my choice). I was free to ask him questions at any time. And I could either describe what I came up with, or draw it. There were some limitations obviously. The operator didn’t give me all the information right away, I had to ask him questions. And that also was the point. But below you have some of the information I received (I don’t remember all).

  • There were three dams that had to be operated and each one had a lever located close to it.
  • The old system was faulty, the lever was getting stuck.
  • The operator had to go to each dam, close/open it with the lever, which was tiring enough (the operator was old-ish), and he had to remeber for how long each dam was opened and whether it was opened fully.
  • If the dam was opened for longer than acceptable, it could damage the whole system.
  • The operator was given information about the levels of water so he did not have to decide for himself how much a dam would have to be opened.
  • Only two dams could be fully opened at the same time.
  • The operator needed to open the dams fluently (to have control over the angle that the ‘door’ is open).
  • Each dam could not be fully open for longer than 3 hours.

I won’t tell you what I came up with, but I received very good feedback :wink:
That’s a really cool exercise. Try it.