Problem faces in real life



Dear all my Friends
Kindly share all the problem that you faced yourself in your real life like food making, iron the clothes, wash the clothes, appliances repairing etc. I just want to know about the users what type of problem faced in their real life and then Me and My team will try to make a product that can be resolve all the problems.
Kindly make me a favour.


@HAWK I hope you will help me


You can’t be seriously asking to solve all of the world’s problems at once, can you?


Um… I’m not sure that I can.
Why don’t you start with a problem that you experience? That might make more sense…


Actually @HAWK and @dougcollins ugcollins, I want to make a product for users ease, when people faced problem to buy vegetables then someone made a online vegetable and grocery web portal. and when people faced to wash their clothes then someone made a online portal for clothes washing. So I want to make some product that havn’t made ever.


Oh, so essentially @shiv you have a problem with lack of an idea and you’re trying to crowdsource it by asking UX forum for their everyday issues. I hope you can appreciate the irony of the situation.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to get your leads from communities that actually seek answers to their day-to-day troubles - like ask,y-answers,quora,reddit - that’s tens of millions of users seeking answers and ready to talk about their problems vs 500(?) UX people who, I guess, are already pretty good at solving things on their own.


So much this.