Preview Button Placement


Good day

I’m a bit confused about where to place preview button, Please help me if you can.

Case 1: What if preview can be an overlay
Case 2: What if preview can take half of the screen and thereafter user can either close the panel or continue drafting with live preview simultaneously.


Hello, me again!

Small recommendation on the design - I would align the topic bar with the text window. If you’re using Illustrator, the ruler would be really useful for this design.

Also, what are you building? who for?

From only looking at the screenshot, I would say option 2 sounds more appealing. Adobe Dreamweaver do this pretty well. You can also reduce or increase the size of the live window.


Hi David,

Thanks for the thoughts.

We are designing the support portal for a product which is yet to be launched and so cannot disclose the details :slight_smile:

The screenshot belongs to a wireframe designed using Adobe XD.


Ahhh i see. Good luck!


Hi @saraths362 – have you got a link or screenshot?