Presenting and organising personas and stories



When creating user personas and stories do you put them together and keep them in separate places and what format do you use to present them?

I am making a set of 6 personas for our cloud platform with up to 3 stories each and am putting it in a Powerpoint so I can present to our customer account managers but was wondering what else people do.


I’m not sure if I well understood your question.

If the question is about the presentation tool/s my answer is:

I use powerpoint (or keynote) only if I have to present content to end customer (for instance sale speech). In my experience these are tools not fitting enterprise needs.

If I’m in a process and I’m going to share UX deliverables with stakeholders I use confluence as main repository.
I’m very happy with it because, basically, you can create pages with different content type (tables, charts etc) linked each other. It’s a sharing tool as well so people involved can comment and join the page in editor mode.

Good luck with your task!


That’s exactly the sort of thing I am wondering about. Also do you group your stories with the relevant persona or do you keep them separate?


We really like to group personas by the same scenario. I believe it is a great way to compare and to highlight differences in terms of behaviors, learning curve, tech equipments and so on.
For some projects was not possible because the task was targeted to a specific set of users