Preferred tool for A/B testing?


Is there a preferred tool for A/B testing on a website?

I’m a BA, working with my company’s website. Product Owner was asking for a new analytics report. Colleague and I had a conversation about what the PO and Marketing folks were attempting to accomplish, and he explained the best way to compare the before and after of a feature would be with A/B testing, which we both know our company has no capability to do at the moment.

I’m researching how it’s done, and I was curious to hear preferences.

Thank you for your time!


Hi Marie,
We have a list of popular tools here (with AB testing featuring first).

My preference is VWO – their pricing plans are reasonable and they have a good suite of tools.


We are using Optimizely. It works quite fine but recently we got some issues with React-Compatibility … but can be resolved