Preference test - your help is needed


Dear friends,

I’m using this new preference test from UsabilityHub and I need your help for taking this test :slight_smile:

I would like to see the results and see how it works. It is a tool that I was looking to have for a long time.





Thanks @HAWK, you are awesome :slight_smile:




Thanks @SteveCrow. Would you tell me what option did you choose and why?


The first one because it had the extra information about your services that would help me to decide if it’s worth my time to fill in the large form


Thanks you for your feedback :slight_smile:


No worries Ali! :slight_smile:



I chose the second one because it was structured in a way that highlighted the benefits and looked less like a sales screen.

As an aside, I’m currently using VWO for A/B testing landing pages and I’m finding it fantastic.




I agree with @HAWK


Done. I chose option #2 as I found the additional statistics with associated charts to be easier to digest and more impactful than the detailed information contained in option #1.


Thank you @jaisonjustus and @dougcollins and thanks for the great feedback :slight_smile:


@jaisonjustus @HAWK Yeah I totally get selecting option 2 - from a graphic design point of view I actually like 2 much better myself but it wasn’t enough to sway me. The additional charts you mentioned weren’t as impactful for me because I view stats like these with a degree of discernment.


Thanks for the great discussion. What if in the more visual option, we still show the extra information as users are scrolling down (and not in their first view)? Do you think it is important to show those data in the first view, or it is just enough to have them available in the page?

Just to have a reference, I attached the screens here.


Do you mean add the “Vendor Product Suite” information shown in screenshot 1 to just below the 40% circle stat at the bottom of screenshot 2?


yeah, below the trust logos section I mean…


Hmmm my first thought is the trust logos should go below the “Vendor Product Suite” info just because it looks like a footer to me and it would be a bit odd to have a “band” like that going across the page when there is important content below - BUT, yes, I generally think you hit on a good idea! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the elaboration @SteveCrow :slight_smile:


I’m in agreement with Steve. More info below the fold but above the social proof icons.