Preference test - Feedback



Morning all,

I am working on a project for a client for who my company will supply a travel insurance quotation platform. I am looking for feedback on the below designs to find out which 1 everyone thinks works best along with what doesn’t work on each design.

I have had to remove the brand colours for contractual reasons.

Option 1

Option 2



Hi Wayne,

I prefer the second one. It’s less busy and feels more approachable to me.

I hope that helps.


Agreed. I like Option 2. Getting insurance quotes can be an arduous process and the second one feels a bit more ‘light’ and ‘fun’.


The second one seems more user friendly, less text, more graphics make it easier to navigate. I have a few content questions… The navigation bar at the top has a third step for “extra coverage”? That seems odd, wouldn’t you just chose your coverage when “select coverage”?
Also, you might consider the “number of persons” section. Not all couples are different genders. If there is not difference in coverage between a “couple” and “2 people”, I would just list that choice as “number of adults”, “number of children”. If gender matters in the quote, they can select the genders after they select number of people. Otherwise, I wouldn’t put gender at all, that could be opening a can of worms.


Thanks for the feedback, I have taken it all on board and the icons for have all been updated so they are not gender specific.

Unfortunately with the extra cover section are add ons that are not buit into the product and come at an extra cost so have to display as a separate page and items. Also the amount of information we need to display on the select cover page to compare 3 products means the page length would be contiuous.


Hi @wayne_deboer,
Just an FYI, there are a ton of tools out there that will do this for you, such as Helio, Usabilityhub, and others.



Hope it’s not too late but I wanted to chime in on the preference test. Overall I prefer #2 for the reasons others have said. The use of icons and larger clickable areas makes it more approachable. However, there are aspects of #1 that work better for me.

  1. Calendar Feature

The trip dates feature is hidden until I click the box (I would assume) and this keeps the overall space of the section smaller and I don’t have to look at all that information when I am finished with the section. The calendar could appear as a popup or drop down. There are lots of existing code samples to make this interaction work for your developer.

  1. Medical Declarations

Finally, the boring stuff at the end about the medical declarations is easier for me to scan in option #1. It’s left justified and in a bulleted list. Because this is critical to convey to the user, I’d want to make that as easy to review as possible.

Hope that helps!