Prefered A/B testing tool


Hi all,
I want to get an A/B/multivariate testing tool which i can use where i work, and also that other people within the business can use i.e. marketing etc…

So, it can be technical but also usable for people who are less technical. We use Drupal 7 o build our sites, that might have a bearing on what you recommend.

I have looked at a few but would love to hear from you guys about what you like to use and why.

Many thanks for your advice



What have you looked at so far? What did you like/not like about what you’ve seen?


Hi @dougcollins I have been looking at Optimizely, Goggle analytics experiments, VWO.
I have only scratched the surface with these 3, not looked at analytics that they provide or anything.
Was interested in what others use, incase i miss a really good option


Is there anything in particular you’re trying to test or improve? I only ask as some tools are more targeted for specific uses than others. unbounce is more geared toward reducing bounce rate with effective landing pages. Zarget is geared towards improving conversion rates. KissMetrics is more generalized.

Also, are you working under any budget constraints? Depending on your needs, you may be able to rule out some tools based on price alone.


I want to do some A/B testing on a download form, but i also want to general experiments around improving usability. And the rest of the business wants to do experiments too which will vary and I don’t know the full details. So i would have said a more generalised or feature rich solution would be more appropriate.

The budget is open right now, but my company is the same as most i.e. don’t want to pay a fortune.


[quote=“hanrocarlisle, post:5, topic:1408”]
So i would have said a more generalised or feature rich solution would be more appropriate.
[/quote] I use VWO across the board (serving personalised content, A/B testing, conversion rates) and I’m a big fan.


Thanks @HAWK that one does look promising.