Practicing Creating a User Persona

Hi there, I just tried creating a user persona using the following prompt from

“My name’s Lucius. I need a UX designer as soon as possible, for a project I’m working on. I need a design to quickly and easily let people know when their custom cake is ready. Can you help us out?”

I came up with the following persona after studying CF’s guide on them:

Any feedback or suggestions to improve? How did I do for a first attempt? Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the forum @Rei_P!

You need to do user research before creating the persona. Did you do that?
Also, you need user goals, motivations, and pain points. The scenario is usually not on the persona because there are lots of scenarios for the persona.

Check out Goal Directed personas by Alan Cooper.

Hope that helps!

No, I don’t think I did enough research to be honest, I was really early in learning and didn’t realize the order of the design process yet. I will work on it further, and I’ll check out Goal Directed Personas.

That being said, how would I go about practicing user research? Do I need to ask my friends to participate? Make a survey? Is there some kind of database or resource that I can use to find user research for now?

Thanks for your help!

You’ll need to create a screener survey to find people in your target audience. Don’t use friends and family. You can search for whitepapers and articles. Nielson Norman group is a good place to start. Also, the team W.

Good luck!


Thank you so much!

Can we create persona only based on questionnaire / surveys or is it better to do it using user interview?

Welcome to the community @kaylaleo!

It’s better to do the user interviews. You want to know behaviors and motivations. Surveys give you what and how much and user interviewing gives you the how and the why.

Hey @jdebari ,
Any help on where/how I look for interviewees. I have been struggling to get few. As you said, friends & family didn’t work.

Hey @mythri_infotech91, I would write a screener survey (you can use Google Forms) and post it on social media, discussion forums, anywhere you can think of where those people might be online. The screener survey should just be a couple of questions to target your audience. They should be close-ended questions. The final question is asking for their email to schedule an interview.

Hope that helps!