Post-survey result questions - round 2



Hi UX team!
I applied some feedback that you awesome guys left me when I was trying to figure out some causes of frustration and low engagement times on some service pages for my client - thanks!
I conducted some easy open ended surveys asking what users were expecting and whether they were happy with the content of the pages for 2 weeks. Overall it was great, with a 70% positive feedback however there was consistent response from the negative responses that mainly asked for “less marketing and more details” and along those lines. These were on overview or ‘starting’ pages for our products and services which I thought were not supposed to be as detailed and meant to lead to user to finding out more through a sub navigation into more details pages. Interesting…
So I am thinking of running a second round of questions that simply asks users to choose from a variety of different types of information/content they are looking for - more closed ended. Do you think this is a good idea or should I keep running the open ended questions? Or just ignore the 30% since they are a minority?
What would you guys do!?


If the 30% were giving you consistent feedback then it sounds like something you should act on.

I do. (But I’m not a researcher.)


Agree with @HAWK.

Yeah, the closed set is good. Make sure it is very clear and specific with the wording.


Thanks guys, I have set up round 2 survey Qs and results are coming in. Very interesting! I love this part of UX the most