Post It note problem

Hi Guys. Just a quick question. Has anyone had a problem with Post-it notes (the specific brand Post-it) loosing their sticky and falling off of a wall?

My new office uses a cheaper brand of sticky notes and they’re not 100% reliable so I was wondering how much better the official Post-it is.

No - the official Post-it notes are fantastic and do actually stay on the wall! :slight_smile:

My office buys cheap ones too, so I started bring my own in!

This is my favourite thread ever. A real life thread on a UX forum about the stickiness of post-its. Gold.
Excellent first thread UXNZ.

Oh guys, I’m about to change your world. I learned this trick from Thoughtworks (and those guys know post-its!).

You need to peel your post-it notes off from one side to the other instead of tearing straight up. Then once you stick it on to something it’s holding power is magnified!

There’s even a video of how to do it

May your post-it notes be forever sticky.

Hahahaha awesome!

Welcome Kayla! :slight_smile: I’ve read some of your posts on LinkedIn- it’s nice to see you here as well :slight_smile: