Portfolios for *research*?



I’ve been reading a lot of posts (here and other places) about creating a portfolio for design positions. What about for UX Researchers? Are they necessary? If so, what are some good examples? would it be OK to reframe my academic research in the style of UX for portfolio purposes since I don’t have any recent industry experience?

Thanks for your thoughts?


Maybe this article gives you an idea: https://www.businessinsider.es/resume-tips-amazon-jobs-2018-7?r=US&IR=T

Maybe for UX Research Portfolio is good to show some analytics about the changes in your company, users, revenue, etc. I mean show contrast from your beggining until your current point and tell a little bit about how you got that results. And for sure, explain in the interview how you think you can improve the metrics in that company with your strategy (althought later is never like this because you will work with a team and a company philosophy, etc.).



My understanding is that portfolios should be about documenting your thought process, not about the product. I think it’s perfectly relevant to tell the story of your research.

I think this post by @dougcollins may be helpful for you.

Hang in there.


@melissa_f_pirkey absolutely. Case studies are the most relevant part of any portfolio — the WHY, not the what. No reason you can’t tell your stories that way. The key, however, with detailed research, is (1) organize the info in scannable visual “chunks” and (2) make sure you lead with a strong summary. Ensure that the first “chunk” seen is compelling enough to make them keep reading.