Portfolio review

Hi, guys. I would like to apply for kind of educational program (creating real product along with mentoring and feedback from experts). Could you, please, check my portfolio (if I can call it that - there’re only 2 projects and one of them was fictional :smiley:). Do you think it’s ok for applying?
I know my projects are far from perfect, but i need to show something as number of participants is very limited, so I assume there will be competition :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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Hi Julia,

I suggest you can quantify your project or work experience.
ex. finish bookful in two month. some ux research in x week. ui design in x week.
so that stranger can konw your skill and kpi at a glance.

It is just my opinion.

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Thanks for reviewing, Ray! You mean indicate time frame within i completed projects / tasks, right?

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yes, it can make viewer clearly know your experience.

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Makes sense! Thank you :pray:

Hi @julia_k

Have you heard of UX Academy? Their programme allows you to create a real product in team projects along with 1:1 and group mentoring with feedback from their experts).

You can check out My ux academy dot com.

A number of student stories you can read on there too.

All the best,


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Hi, Adrian! Thanks a lot for advice, will definitely check it. Sounds great!:+1: