Portfolio Review Thread

This was extremely helpful and honestly makes sense why I am being passed upon. Thank you so much for the insight and your time! :+1:

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Thank you @jdebari, you have been a tremendous help!

Just to continue the conversation, there are a lot of tools out there to help you with building your portfolio.

Sarah Doody has an excellent course. https://courses.sarahdoody.com/

There is a book called That Portfolio Book, That Portfolio Book™.

Ian Fenn has a great resource, https://uxportfolio.design/.

ADPList has great mentors that will review your portfolio for free. http://www.adplist.org.

Designed.org has the same thing.

Please continue posting here as well.

Hope that helps!

starchevsky dot com

(password: design6020)

I would appreciate your feedback!

Welcome to the community @circuit!

I think your homepage looks good!

Your case studies need some work. Global Power Technologies, and Chick-fil-A Online Ordering are mostly just mockups. You need to show more process. Also, more of your thinking process. If I just came across your portfolio as it is now I would think you were a visual designer, not a UX designer. :frowning:
You show a little bit of research in a couple of case studies, but it is really high-level and I don’t see how the research informed your designs.

Hope that helps!

Thank you, I appreciate the feedback!

I’ll post this again since it got lost way up at the top of the thread. :slight_smile:

Here are some portfolios I recommend people review.


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Hi! Would love to see comments on my first case study.

Welcome to the community @A_BN!

From what I can see your case study looks really long. Is this from a bootcamp?

I am not sure what I am supposed to walk away with after reading the case study. There is a lot of this then this. Why did you decide to do this deliverable here? How does the design refer back to the research?

Hope that helps.

@jdebari Yes, it’s a Bootcamp project. Thank you for your comments.

Here are my case studies so far, would really appreciate some feedback on them, If I’m going in the right direction or totally off base.

on Behance I’m at /ruairimactie

Im only starting out, and trying to move from QA to UX so still building. Im trying to stay away from the UI side since im not overly great (at the moment) when it comes to artistic and UI type things or at least not at the moment till I get more into it.

I do have a portfolio site which needs more work as well

My personal site is at rmact.eu


Hello all! I appreciate any feedback or critiques I can get for my portfolio. I have started applying for jobs with a few rejections and lots of crickets. Thanks for your time.

Welcome to the community @Andelae!

A couple of quick things. You have three projects on your portfolio and fro the timelines it looks like you have 8 weeks and 3 hours of UX experience. You’re competing against people with multiple years of experience so you need to do something that doesn’t point out how junior you are.

On your homepage to view two case studies, you have a CTA that says See the Research, but it is more than a research project so I found that confusing.

I think overall your portfolio looks nice (although it looks like a Sarah Doody template), but I see so many portfolios and yours doesn’t stand out. The whole portfolio seems very generic. I did not get a sense of how you thought and your reasoning behind anything or your personality.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you @jdebari for your quick feedback! Haha. Yes a Sarah Doody graduate. It’s hard as a beginner to find your voice. You gave me some things to think about and tweak.

Hey Everyone,

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