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Use this thread to post your portfolio and get feedback from the community.


Here is my portfolio amitbassi.com

I’m coming at this from a San Francisco, CA bay area perspective.

When the home page first loaded I wasn’t totally clear what you did. “Design businesses, design services, make digital products work, etc.” I couldn’t put you in the bucket of a UX Designer so I would be confused as a hiring manager.

I was confused why you have Behance on the main nav and when I click Portfolio it goes to Behance. I thought I was on your portfolio so that was confusing.

There is a lot on the “homepage” so it felt a bit overwhelming.

I like that you don’t have more than 6 case studies, but the filters don’t seem necessary for only six projects.

For Contact, I would remove the form. No one ever fills those out. As long as you have your email and LinkedIn that’s probably fine.

I was confused how to get to the Case Studies themselves. I thought if I clicked anywhere in the box it would take me to the case study, but it opened a larger image of the thumbnail. Also, hover states don’t work on mobile…

Then the actual case studies have hardly any information. You are not walking me through your process so it’s not enough information for me to want to call you in for an interview. I expect much more information in the case studies.

Hope that helps!

Thank you very much @jdebari for you valuable time and feedback :hugs:

bjewell.design is my portfolio.

Thank you!

Here is my portfolio https://albertouxdesign.com/

Welcome to the community @bjewell!

@Alberto, overall, I think your portfolio is fine. I really like your About Page. For your contact page, I recommend just your email and social handles that you want to share. No one likes to fill out those contact forms. :grinning:

A few suggestions to up your portfolio game would be to not to include the design process diagram. It makes you look junior. Then try to tell more of a story and not just list the titles of the design process for each section. As a hiring manager I want to know why you made the decisions you did. Not just what you did, but why.

Hope that helps!

Hoping some other people chime in here. :grinning:

Here are some portfolios I recommend people review.





@jdebari Thank you for the feedback!

Hello! I’m a Business Analyst interested in developing my UX skills and very new to the industry. My pdf portfolio can be found here. I’m low on time atm so only have one case study. Hope to add another next week. Thanks!

Hey I’m new here wanted to get some thoughts and feed back . Brian - Default portfolio

Hello everyone
Question: I have my portfolio on Wix and I want to create a custom toggle button for dark and light mode.
Anyone knows if it‘s possible to do on Wix or on similar platforms without code or is it only possible with code? I tried to look up on their help pages but no luck.
Maybe it‘s possible on Webflow? then I guess i‘ll move my portfolio there…
Any lead would be highly appreciated thanks!

You can create the button on Wix, but it doesn’t have the built-in capability to toggle between light and dark mode. You might want to check out Webflow.
I don’t think any no code portfolio builders have that, but I could be wrong.

Here’s my portfolio: www.laurenndennis.com

I know my portfolio currently doesn’t read UI/UX…I’m torn between whether I want to creative/art direct or product lead…

@laurenndennis, do you mean a lead digital product designer or a creative director?

I think your portfolio works well for a Creative Director. It wouldn’t work as a digital product designer. You don’t have any in-depth case studies. It’s important to really focus on the role you want and then tailor your portfolio (marketing material) to that role. For digital product design you have too many projects. You want a max of six.
Hope that helps!

Thank you @jdebari.
I agree that it works well for a Creative Director which is the goal. I do love product design as well so perhaps I will explore that more as an extracurricular, educational activity.

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@unicorn_phoenix You might have better luck posting this on a Wix forum or performing a Google search.

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@Brian_brown Do you have a particular question or area of your portfolio that you’re looking for feedback on? Here are a few recommendations:

  • Don’t include your UI/UX process as a project (Work). If you can, create a new page and share your process there
  • If possible, include more information on the Looperman project. Employers want to see how you address solving problems, how you navigation the human-centered design process. Showing before an after designs isn’t enough.