Portfolio review please



Just updated my portfolio because I’m thinking about applying for UX/UI Designer position.

Let me know if you think I should take some projects out or add more or elaborate more. For example:
• under UX/UI section, do you think I have too many projects listed?
• under Web Design section, do you think I should take out the Company Intranet design since I can’t connect to live site?
• under Graphic Design - Typography, does the layout look weird?? Should I put the typography book in a separate section?
• ect, ect, ect …

Your review will be greatly appreciated. Thank You!



Hey there,
I love the clean design. It looks great.

Immediate observations about the homepage:

  • The About Me text is very hard to read. It needs contrast.
  • The UX/UI and Web Design section excerpts end in … while the Graphic Design one ends in (more…)

And about the case studies:

  • Your written English is excellent but there are a few little inconsistencies. I think this would benefit from a quick English edit.
  • The icon on the UX/UI page is a link which goes back to itself. This is a bit ambiguous.
  • It wasn’t immediately obvious that I needed to click on the thumbnails to discover your documented processes. Once I did though, I was impressed. You’ve done a great job of documenting your projects.

To answer your specific questions:

  • No, I don’t think you have too many projects listed. The only time I’d ever say that was if some were very well documented and others felt like last minute editions.Yours don’t.
  • I’d leave it there. Most people realise that intranets are behind firewalls and you have enough screenshots to make sense.
  • I think the layout works ok.


Thank you so much for your reply! This is great critique. This is why I want to look for another job, so I can work with other designers who can give me critique. I’m the only designer at my company so I feel my growth is stunted.
English is my second language so I tend to hear that a lot. I’ll have some one edit them… I’ll need to come up with a solution about the icon and thumbnail…
Thank you!!


Totally welcome. :slight_smile:


I can say this: everyone’s different portfolio designs and visual communication are making me self-conscious. Everything’s so pretty!

If I were to recommend any improvements, I would say that in the UX / UI cases, I don’t get a sense of the actual process story. The tools listing is great, but I feel like each needs a story told: 1.) What’s the problem? 2.) What path did you follow? 3.) What were the results?

Additionally, on the bottom, the Projects should probably have more descriptive names to give an idea what they’re really about.


I thought the same thing but if you click on the thumbnails you get a whole process document! It’s just not immediately obvious.