Portfolio Mentoring Session – what do you need help with?

Hey all,

A while back we ran an incredibly valuable session in our Slack channel with @Louise – we talked about creating a persuasive UX portfolio.

It was so popular that Louise has kindly offered to run some follow up sessions, again helping you to build amazing portfolios.

Some of the themes that came out of the last session are listed below. Please vote on your favourites so that we can use them to inform the next session.

  • What counts as portfolio material?
  • Should I create a Generalist or Specialist portfolio?
  • I worked in a team, how do I single out my work for my portfolio?
  • How do I promote my portfolio?
  • How many projects should I include?
  • How do I show my thought process in a portfolio?
  • What types of results should I display in my portfolio?

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Note: If you want to put the dates for these sessions in your diary, here they are:
Session 1: Noon Wednesday 23 November PDT or 7am Thursday 24 November AEST (find out what time that is for you)
Session 2: Noon Wednesday 7 December PDT or 7am Thursday 8 December AEST
(find out what time that is for you)

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Hi Hawk

How do i join the slack channel? This sounds great!

Excellent. There will be a formal announcement on the main site soon, but slack.uxmastery.com is the link, and #ask-louise-campbell is the channel. Let me know if you have any problems.