Portfolio Help round 2

Hi everyone.
I recently redid my portfolio and added some work, since I’m back on the prowl for juicy projects.
When/if you can, please start a friendly pillow fight with your friends or loved ones.

… shh its super secret


user: uxmasters
pass: WelcomeToTheClub

Woah, there is a tonne of information there! Here are a few observations:

  • I like the clean, easy to follow design
  • Your case studies could do with a light English edit
  • I was overwhelmed by the number of case studies. I’d pick your top 4 and focus on those.
  • The presentation of the thumbnails confused me. They all look the same with the dark overlay and white writing. I would prefer to see an actual image for each.
  • There is quite a lot of extraneous text content. e.g. I don’t need to know that the analyst on the project was promoted shortly after.
  • I like the mix of content – sketches, screenshots etc
  • Try and keep your resume to one page
  • Your About page seems to be missing

Overall I think you have the bones of something great here, but there is just so much that it’s overwhelming and you’ll lose people that can’t quickly scan through.

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you got it.

  • the comment on the analyst promotion was the only material way I felt I was able to convey the success of the project. like, great I designed the system, but maybe they hated it.

  • I’ll scan through it again and see about cutting down extraneous material - but this part worries me a bit, type 1 vs type 2 error. eg: i could keep extraneous material to potentially little cost, or end up cutting useful information at great cost.

  • the about page should be there, not sure what happened.

thanks again, I’ll start making adjustments.

a lot of design is a consequence of not knowing what Gutenberg is capable of and being sort of limited to using whatever I ran into first. though i’ve been exploring block types.

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