Portfolio feedback?



Hey all! I’m finally getting around to looking for feedback on my portfolio.

The project isn’t done that it describes, but I figure something is better than nothing. I’m at the point in the process that I’m waiting on the project owner to write up some code so I can do user testing with it, so I’m mostly waiting on him. I’ve got a slight bit more to do with Balsamiq, but not much left there, I think.



Hello @wispfox, I am not able to open the website. It’s showing page can’t be reached. can you check.


Well, that’s not good!

I can see it. What OS/browser are you using?

It’s possible that a fix that was supposed to make iOS and/or safari work didn’t actually do so.


I am using mac/chrome and I checked on other browsers also. But still I am not able to access.


My initial thoughts:

  • I really like how you describe your process. It’s something every employer will ask you about during potential interviews.

  • Things felt a bit verbose. I might try to pare down your explanations a bit. I know it’s counter-intuitive to creative types like us, but in the case of portfolios, short and sweet is usually better.

In many ways, your portfolio is like a resume-- if it doesn't stand out right away, more than likely it's not going to get read. Additionally, like a resume, your portfolio should serve as a catalyst for discussion during your interview process.

  • Whether it’s fair or not, UX is a visual medium, and your website will be judged on its visual appeal. I realize as much as anyone else that UX professionals are not coders-- nor should they necessarily be. Your site could use some improvements in this area.

You don't need to have a world-beating site design, just something that provides a little more interest than your current design. You have a few different options you could use in this area, from installing a Content Management System like WordPress or paying a developer to build a great design for you.

  • Your writing voice feels a bit unsure. Write with confidence! You are doing some excellent work here, above and beyond what most novices are willing to tackle out of the gates. For instance, I’d consider changing these couple of lines…

>I thought we might want someone who was interested in collecting currrencies and does not travel. Collectors of currencies might be interested in the service after it existed, even if they were not our target audience.

to something more authoritative like...

We wanted someone who was interested in collecting
currrencies and does not travel. Collectors of currencies are
interested in the service after it existed, even if they were not our
target audience.

Don’t forget that you are awesome, and you are doing awesome! Keep up the hard work, the studying, and write with authority about your thought process and accomplishments. There’s an employer out there who’s going to love your work, and getting a portfolio up-and-running is a great step in that direction. Excellent job!



First impression: it looks slick, professional, not fussy. It could do with an image or banner at the top perhaps – something that gives an indication of your personality.

I agree with Doug about the verbosity. I wonder if there is a way that you could notate things more briefly, with options to read more.

Having said that, you do a fantastic job of describing your process, and that is missing from so many portfolios. Awesome job.


@wispfox, great work. I like that you are talking about your process and attached some simple pictures/wireframe. Here is an important element that recruiters in UX jobs are looking for, they want to see you have a story in your portfolio, so as a UX person you should be able to use right tools (text, image, video) to describe your processes. What you show as your portfolio page should be similar to what your though process is when you are going to design all required UX materials for one your projects.

As an example, let’s say you want to present yourself as a UX designer and for sure you have many great skills, first pick one of those skills, then one that you are the best in. Use that skills and build your portfolio based on that to cover all the skills and pieces of work that you have. As an exemplification, if you believe you are a great UXer with Empathy, try to design your page based on an empathetic approach, come up with ideas that proves you are an empathetic person in any project, even if it is a portfolio page, use smiley faces as an example, or use feeling charts that represents any projects level of user involvement and stuff like that… (just as an example :slight_smile: )

Good Luck man :slight_smile:


Huh. I don’t know! I checked that a friend can see it with a mac on safari, and that worked. Not sure why you might not be able to see it.

Maybe try without the ‘s’ in https? Just to see if it changes anything (the original problem that was solved had to do with secure connections).


Ok, my takeaways:

I need some sort of banner or photo at the top. I am not very good at adding things for visual appeal, so thank you for that! I have no idea what I might want to put there, though. :slight_smile:

Too many words! A known problem of mine, yes. Will work on making things simpler and clearer and shorter.

Too uncertain. Interesting, and makes sense! I’m uncertain because I’m new, but I bet I’ll be uncertain no matter what because there’s always stuff to learn. So I need to just state things (which will also help with the too many words problem).

Good that I’m including the process and photos/screenshots of my work. Yay! I tried to make sure those things were there.

So… I’m not yet sure what direction I want to go in for UX. That’s why I don’t have much story. It’s a good point, though, and something I should work on. Maybe I can come up with a story about that? Hmm…

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!


Alright. I’ve adjusted many things. Still need to figure out a photo or banner, and find a story, but I think it’s better in terms of brevity and confidence.


I love the new confidence! That’s much better. Great job.

I look forward to seeing it when you figure out the imagery side. :slight_smile: