Portfolio Feedback



Hi guys,

I’m enjoying the forums a lot! I decided to publish my portfolio here so you can check it out and give me feedback.

[Web / UI Designer]

Any feedback is appreciated!

Thank you very much!


Overall, I like your images, but I don’t see any UX processes listed.

Here are a couple of articles you may find useful.



Good luck


I agree. It’s a well designed UI portfolio but it doesn’t cover any UX (that I could see).


Thank for replying me, I will work on UX…


Because I only design my portfolio for UI designer…


Right. We’re specifically a UX community. You’re totally welcome here and I look forward to hearing and learning from you, but I’d prefer that we keep our portfolio reviews UX specific because there are many thousands of general design and UI communities out there. Hope that makes sense. :slight_smile: