Portfolio Feedback



Hi guys,

I’m enjoying the forums a lot! I decided to publish my portfolio here so you can check it out and give me feedback.


My intention was to focus on my ux case studies. But I know there could be room for improvement! I have 3 up right now, but I don’t know if that’s enough.

I do enjoy coding in html/css and javascript, and I love doing visual design as well. I haven’t posted anything about that in my portfolio… just the behance portfolio… Should I add a section about my front-end skills? Also, I’m not sure about the “about” section and the contact page.

Any feedback is appreciated!

Thank you very much! :grinning:


Hey @fostinwd

I love it! The design is beautiful.

I think the About section is great. It’s short and to the point.

The main thing that sticks out for me is the Universal case study. It’s lacking enough information. Your other two are excellent – they describe your process in great detail. If you can’t do the same for the Universal one then I’d remove it altogether.


Thanks for your comment, HAWK! I’ll consider your suggestion about removing that section. I’ll think about it.


Hey Faustino,

There is a lot of great detail with your design process that you document in your case studies. Very thorough and alot of good thought put into your design decisions.

One thing I would think about is putting your case study files on your home page. I know you talked about wanting a focused experience so maybe there is another way to execute on your idea (because I do feel that allowing the user to focus on their goals and not having distractions is important), but essentially what you have now is a “load case studies” button.

Research is showing that people prefer to scroll than to take the extra actions such as clicking. Additionally, it’s not about the number of clicks, but it’s about making sure each click makes sense.

Anyway, my .02. It is great work and there are some cues I can take and apply to my portfolio, which needs a lot of work :slight_smile:


Clean and neat. Good job!


that’s a good point! I don’t have many so placing them in the homepage is a good idea!


Hi Faustino,

Your approach to creating case-studies with full description of design thinking and working process illustrated stage by stage is really impressive. But will you develop portfolio with new projects? Right now your portfolio describes you as professional while your creative skills and industry experience are not represented fully enough on my opinion.